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Have you ever been to Maten Al-Sahel? 
If your answer is yes, please post your comments in the English Forum

If you have not been to Almaten yet, here are some useful instructions.
These are the best times to visit our village with possible activities. 

You can visit Almaten at anytime of the year, however, every time has its different characteristics.
 Spring :  In March, April and May you can enjoy the cool weather to go cycling and walking through the mountains and valleys with the amazing scenery of green fields and countryside.  You can celebrate Easter and attend the big mass of Good Friday.

Summer : Swimming, parties and Almaten festivals are the most important events you can enjoy especially in August.  You can celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on August 15th.

Winter In November and December, you can enjoy the traditional olive season and celebrate Christmas and the New Year.


You can use Maten Al-Sahel as a base to organize trips to various historical places in Syria which are near Almaten such as:
Ras Shamra (Ugarit):  Dating to the 14th century BC, it is now believed that Ugaritic is the most ancient alphabet in the world. Clay tablets, in several languages were found there. (100 km north of Almaten)
Salah Ud-Din Castle:  First built by the Byzantines, then occupied by the Crusaders who were powerless to stop Salah Ud-Din taking it. (110 km north of Almaten) 
National museum in Lattakia (90 km north of Almaten)
  An old city where the first human occupation of this site dates back more than 6000 years.  The most important archeological and historical monuments are Amrit (15 Century B.C), the Museum, and Arwad Island.
Marqab Castle:  Striking even from a distance for its huge size and somber, brooding appearance.  Built from black basalt rock, it is one of the most impressive Crusader castles after Crac des Chevaliers.  It has 14 towers in addition to the keep (donjon).  It was one of the last Crusaders strongholds, liberated by the Mamelukes Sultan Qalauon in 1285 A.D. (located 30km north of Al-Maten) 
SALADIN CASTLE (SAHYOUN):  This castle was recognized as a masterpiece of military architecture, defended by the Knights Hospitaller, and was considered impregnable. During the 14th century it was still in good order, a powerful citadel controlling one of the passages between the sea and the Orontes valley, with an advance defense port for Antioch.  Near the entrance there is a stairway on the outside of the tower which leads up to a rampart walk and the upper level of the castle.  The layout of the whole citadel can be grasped from there.  The Byzantine Sahyoun, the Frankish Castle of Saone and the Arab qaalat, is now dedicated to Saladin.  It played its part in Syria's history under three different and competing authorities, over three successive centuries . (110 km south of Almaten)

It is easy to organize these trips as there are many luxury mini-buses which specialize in tourism services around the hour and to all destinations. 
One of important advantages of Almaten is that you can receive Turkish and Cyprus mobile networks which makes it easy to receive and make calls as you are in Europe.


How you can reach Almaten.

From Damascus International Airport to Almaten, you can rent one of the private cars in the village which specializes in airport services.  You can send us an email with your name and your flight and we will book a car for you and tell you the time for pick up.
Send your information to 
Or you can come from the airport to the bus station in Damascus.  Then by luxury with Al-Kadmous Company to Tartous. (one journey every hour, it takes 3 hours)  Then from Tartous to Al-Maten.

If you have visited Almaten before you will feel the difference this time as Syria is developing dramatically in all fields and services.  The way the number of tourists who came to Syria in 2004 was 4.5million and this number will reach 12milion in 2012.

The basic unit of currency is the Syrian pound / U.S. $1= 54 pounds; 2005 average


Prices and fees of some services in Syria : 
-Taxi's fee from Damascus Airport to the Bus Station: $15 
-Bus Ticket from Damascus to Tartous (300km, 3hours) by Al-Kadmous Company: $3 
-A car from Tartous to Almaten is: $3 
-A private mini-bus directly from Damascus Airport to Almaten (with town's private cars): $60 
-A private mini-bus for a daily trip from $65

For more information about Syria and Maten Al Sahel email us at: Sponsored By : Hanna Trading  -  Levant Logistics  -  7 Seas Logistics


If you have any comments, ideas or problems please let us know
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