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About Almaten


Maten Al-Sahel is a small size village in Tartous, located on the Syrian coast, about 300 km northwest of the capital, Damascus.  It’s fairly easy to reach from Lattakia , which is about 80 km north, and 16 km south to Tartous.

Almaten is located on
the top of a mountain about 300 m above sea level, overlooking a wondrous sight of coastal lands, from the western side of the village which is about 4 km from the Tartous-Lattakia Highway.  The mountainous roads in between are mildly difficult lined with fields of olive trees, surrounded by green valleys with many roads that cross through them. These roads are suitable for sport activities such as walking and cycling, especially in spring (March, April and May).

Demographics and Services  
The area around Almaten is known to have been settled during the 18th century.  The 
total population is about 3500.  The majority are living outside Almaten as they have begun to immigrate during the 19th century.  The first group of people migrated towards Latin and South America (Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina).  By the middle of the century, people began to migrate to USA, Caribbean Islands, Canada, and Europe.   During the last few years and till now, the majority of the people are migrating to the rich Gulf States, such as Kuwait, KSA, Dubai, and Qatar. 
The educational level in Almaten is extremely high as the percentage of the illiteracy among the new generation is almost 0%.  Many have obtained high degrees in many fields, such as medical, engineering, and technology.
 All the requirements of modern life style are present, such as electrical networks, phones, mobile coverage, health center, and transportation, which includes two buses, many private cars, and mini-buses.

The sources of income in Almaten are based on agriculture, governmental employment and immigration. 
Agriculture is still the traditional job in Almaten.  90% depend on agriculture as the main source of income.  Tomatoes in green houses and
olive oil are the most important crops produced in the village.

The climate is temperate and
mediterranean, with hot, dry summers.  The maximum temperature is 36C, with cool, rainy winters, and can reach a low of 0 C Sponsored By : Hanna Trading  -  Levant Logistics  -  7 Seas Logistics


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